Marriage Counseling and Psychotherapy
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Benjamin B. Conley
1881 NE 26th Street
Suite 221
Wilton Manors,
Florida 33305
(Ft. Lauderdale)


(954) 727-9713
Fax: (954) 566-7671

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Specialties or Interests:

Anxiety Disorders
Bereavement / Grief / Loss
Emotional Growth & Development
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Marriage/Couples Issues
Mid-life Issues
Self Esteem
Spiritual Counseling

Professional Title/s:

Marital and Family Therapist
Pastoral Counselor

Hourly Fee, based on
financial resources:

Out of Network Provider
for PPO Type Insurance,
such as:
Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Connecticut General
Humana (PPO)
Oxford (POS)
Preferred Care (POS)
United Behavioral Health (PPO)
UnitedHealthcare (PPO)

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Treatment Modalities:
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Imago Relationhip Therapy
Marriage/Couples Counseling
Family Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (for trauma phobias and anxiety)
Gestalt Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Christian Psychotherapy
Goal-Oriented Therapy
Guided Imagery
Parent Training
Pastoral Counseling
Spiritual Counseling
Transactional Analysis

Treatment Age(s):

Accepting New Patients:

Years In Practice:

Licensed in Florida:
Marriage & Family Therapist
License # MT1197

B.A., M.Div.


Vanderbilt University
Graduate Institute

Office Information/Hours:

Weekday appointments,
late afternoon/evenings, at:

Wilton Manor Plaza,
1881 NE 26th St.
Suite 221
Wilton Manors, FL 33305

My office and voicemail number is:
(954) 727-9713.

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Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Professional Organizations/ Affiliations:

Blanton Peale
Graduate Institute
3 yr Residency

American Association of
Marriage and Family
Clinical Member

Florida Association of Marriage and Family
Clinical Member

American Association.of
Pastoral Counselors Diplomate

Imago Relationships International
Clinical Member

EMDR Institute,
Level II Clinical Member

Stay Married ---
You can learn how to
save your marriage.


You can make a difference toward creating the marriage of your dreams, even if your partner is not ready for counseling. You can learn how to do on your own what is so positive and loving that it will be difficult for your partner to resist.

Of course, even better if your partner is also willing to be part of a process of improving your relationship. When two are willing to put energy into cancelling the negative and focusing on the positive, success is inevitable.

Reduce emotional pain ---
Go for the happiness in your life
you have always wanted, whether single or married.

You can pursue what is positive in your own life and improve the quality of relationships with everyone in your life, including those to whom you are emotionally most connected. That will inevitably have a positive effect on others in the long run and is a way to exercise your personal power without trying to control others.

How to translate these positive principles into concrete application must be learned by everyone. You can learn what to do that is compassionate and loving when your loved one yells at you. You can learn to listen to and understand how your partner is different from you and how you can honor that difference. You can learn how to ask for the reassurance you want and need from your spouse when you are scared.

You can learn from friends, mentors, and books. Books are simply friends who have put some helpful ideas into writing. That is why I have written down some things I believe to be true, in the hope that the books might be useful to others. You can find what I have written described elsewhere on this website.

You can learn from a psychotherapist or marriage counselor. How to have successful relationships must be learned (some have had wise and loving parents, teachers, and other mentors, and that is great). It is always wise to learn from those who know something about what succeeds. You can find a consultant to help you improve your marriage or raise your level of personal happiness, or both, in the same way you might seek out an attorney or tax advisor or swimming or tennis instructor. A marriage counselor or psychotherapist is a consultant on how to succeed in marriage, how to cancel emotional pain, and how to create joy in your life.

Seeing a therapist is a sign of strength and wisdom. None of us know everything, and the "ins and outs" of emotional functioning and interpersonal communication and intimacy is a specialization that you can draw upon the same way that you would find a good math teacher to take a course in algebra. You would probably not teach yourself out of a book, unless you were already proficient in math. You would be wise, not crazy, to go to a specialist in human relationships to learn more about what works in the most positive way.

Find a compassionate therapist with whom you feel safe, with whom you can communicate, who knows more than you do about the matters you want to address, who you cannot manipulate. I have given you some information in the left column about how I structure therapy, and if you connect with what I have presented and wish to talk further with me I will be happy to do so. More about Ft. Lauderdale psychotherapy .

Psychotherapy and Marriage Counseling
with Benjamin B. Conley, M.Div., LMFT

Improve Your Life

You can improve your life, according to your own goals. You may be concerned to improve the quality of your everyday living, either to relieve your pain, or to enhance your ability to do well, according to your own values. I hope to support you in pursuing improvements in your personal life and relationships.

I may be able to help you as I have many other individuals, couples and families in 35 years of counseling experience with persons who are depressed, burdened with anxiety and panic attacks, distressed by phobias, hurt from a history of abuse, exhausted from dealing with stress, or frustrated with sexual, communication, and relationship difficulties. This inevitably leads to conflicts in relationships and too often the end of marriages that could have survived.

Three Fundamental Values

In marriage counseling and psychotherapy, you address and apply three fundamental values to everyday living:

1) You have value, as a separate individual, simply because you exist. This is one operational foundation that supports your having a joyful life

2) You inevitably make decisions for yourself, managing your own behavior, thoughts, and feelings by being in control of your own bodies. You are biologically required to make your own decisions, since no one can get inside your head to decide for you, even when you give away your autonomy in order to survive.

3)You think and act using your own best judgment, in your own way. As soon as you copy someone else's way, it becomes your way, with a twist. You can only pursue what you believe is your best option at any given time, even though you sometimes get it wrong.

Negating these fundamentals gives rise to various defensive reactions, power struggles, individual anguish, pain and suffering in relationships.

A relationship with a therapist is one within which your anguish can be accepted and new ways can be found to create what is nurturing and healing. My book, The Spiritual Cconnection: Values, Faith, and Psychotherapy is a more complete treatment of these points, illustrated through the many different therapeutic approaches that have been developed to deal with emotional conflicts.

My Focus in Therapy/Counseling

My focus is on helping achieve your therapeutic goals as directly as possible, in as little time as possible, using a variety of methods. By providing an environment of acceptance and emotional understanding, you become a knowledgeable participant in your therapeutic journey. Issues such as isolation, interpersonal conflict, power struggles in relationships, self esteem, depression, and anxiety can all be addressed by building on your personal strength and your own inner wisdom.

I will work with you as an individual, couple, family, or business. You can expect that I will draw on a variety of tools, including EMDR work for trauma, phobias, panic disorders, and depression, Imago Relationship Therapy with couples and families, and various other ways drawn from psychoanalytic therapy, rational-emotive therapy, Transactional Analysis/gestalt therapy, psychosynthesis, bioenergetics, sex therapy, hypnosis, and so on. You are welcome from any cultural background, though I speak only English, whether you are 10-12 years old or older, a heterosexual or gay and lesbian individual or couple.

Your ways of thinking and your values matter to me, so that I can respond to your needs in the most effective way, so that you can accomplish mutually agreed upon goals that enhance your quality of life. Your spiritual and religious quest deserves support from me because it is important to you.

Telephone Consultation

I will be happy to talk with you further on the telephone to discuss your goals and what you want to accomplish in therapy or marriage counseling, to see if what I can offer may be helpful to you. Just call me at (954) 727-9713, and if you do not get me in person, leave a message and your number and I will call you at my first opportunity.

Uncertain About Calling Right Now?

While you are thinking over whether to call me, look over my website and see if you find something of interest, including signing up for my free email newsletter on emotional growth, love, spirituality and relationships. Just follow the links below.


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