Understanding the power of feelings to create and maintain positive values . . .
and how you can use those values to create emotional and spiritual depth in your life.





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Affirming Feelings

Here is a book to stimulate careful thinking about the basics of emotional functioning and the power for positive change we can all use in our emotional life.

The author draws on the latest neuroimmunological research to focus on the ways we can understand our emotional experience to meet the demand of everyday living.

The book separates feeling from thinking, and discusses the relationship of the brain and emotions mediated by the body's communication system.

It describes the importance of emotional well being for physical health and ways in which we can use the power of our emotions to support emotional and spiritual well being.

Here is a down-to-earth discussion of how to harness the power of feelings, even though the mechanisms by which emotions function are still largely a mystery.

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  Creative Use of Emotional Power 5
  Thinking and Feeling are Linked Together 16
  Definitions of Thinking and Feeling 22
  Definitions of Thinking and Feeling: Pain/Pleasure 27
  The Three Emotional Basics 30
The Four Feelings: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, and Fear
  How We Learn to Interpret Sensory Data 41
  How We Integrate Thinking, Feeling, and Acting 47
  The Power of Our "Standard Interpretations" 53
  Use of Feeling to Support (Energize) or to Negate (De-energize) the Basics of Emotional Health 59
  Use of Psychotherapy to Modify Experience 65
  References 77


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