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Affirming life with: Fundamental Values, Spirituality, and Counseling
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Thelma F. Dixon Murphy, Ed.D., pychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and teacher:

"In my opinion, The Spiritual Connection reveals some profound thinking. I like the emphasis on acceptance and affirmation as basic keys to the power of the therapeutic relationship.

You have been profound in explicating your theory and extensive and inclusive with examples and quotations from authentic studies and crucial writers in the field. Your writing will apeal to the scholars among its readers.

This material could be read and re-read and could be the basis for extended study groups for the 'seekers' of depth understanding of the connections between psychotherapy and spirituality."

Patricia Baldt, RN, CS, ASCW, social worker, nurse, and psychotherapist:

Conley eloquently demystifies the spiritual by presenting it in the therapist-client relationship as a cruccal and naturalistic event. ... a 'must read' for training psychotheapists."

Hedy Schleifer, M.A, LMHC, Imago therapist and workshop presenter:

How do we tap into and cooperate with the natural life-affirming universal power "wired into" every human being? Ben Conley has carefully studied and identified the basic spiritual values of human connectedness that allow for people to blossom into their fulness. His book becomes a trusted guide on the journey of how we heal and grow only in connection with another person."

Rev. John K. Hinkle, Ph.D., Professor, Pastoral Psochology and Counseling, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary:

The author of this book has an appreciation for both scientific and spiritual worlds as these bear on an understanding of humanness and the processes of change. He has read widely and well concerning the relationship between values, faith, spirituality, and accountability/responsibility.

The insights from these readings are seasoned by the wisdom that comes from his thirty six years of therapeutic pastoral clinical teaching and practice. He formulates and presents subtle and sophisti-cated ideas in a very readable style. He has thought these matters through in more detail and with more care than any other author.

The Rev. Stanert L. Dransfield - Retired Minister of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Marble Collegiate Church, New York, NY:

I wrote to thank Ben Conley for his 'pyramid of values' that help us find spiritual meaning in this 'tangled web of life.' He answered, "I do believe that as we align ourselves with what is true in the universe, we participate in God's plan and develop an inner peace that is an experience of a personal connection with God."

Hurrah! A psychotherapist who is not afraid to speak of things 'spiritual' or use the name of 'God!' I like what you say and the way that you say it!

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