Increase intimacy in your love relationships and create safety by living positive
values. . . You can use those values to create emotional and spiritual depth in your life.






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Taking the Fear Out of Being Close

Here is a breath of fresh air with which to decontaminate relationships. The author shows that since we are largely responsible for our own emotional pain, we can learn to create an intimate relationship that lacks the elements of danger that limit many relationships.

He discusses the meaning of risk, how to avoid it, and how to create intimacy based on ways of treating others that all human beings find nurturing. He shows how to negotiate disagree-ments and find loving ways to cooperate in achieving the intimacy we all desire.

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Introduction 5
1. We Create Some of Our Own Physical Pain 7
2. We Create Much of Our Own Emotional Pain 9
3. Being Close is Not dangerous 9
4. Being Unrealistic is the Danger 10
5. Acceptance Takes the Fear Out of Intimacy 13
6. The Meaning of Risk 14
7. Ways to Create Intimacy 18
8. Intimacy Based on the Positives 24
9. Surviving Disagreements 26


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