tc2000 brokerage fees Happiness comes from living by fundamental values. . . . using those values to create
emotional and spiritual depth in your life, increasing intimacy in your love relationships.

Benjamin Conley, Counselor in Fort Lauderdale

About Benjamin Conley, M.Div.,LMFT

Deepen your emotional and spiritual life? Here are my thoughts about how to do it.

The Spiritual Connection: Values, Faith, and Psychotherapy
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The Spiritual Connection

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Taking the Fear out of Being Close
Success in Marriage
Making Relationships Work
The Meaning of Love
Affirming Feelings

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to meet with Benjamin Conley at 1881 NE 26th Street, Suite 221, Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale), FL 33305

by calling him at (954) 727-9713

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Wilton Manors, FL
(Ft. Lauderdale)


PO Box 4304, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33338-4304
Books about positive values, spirituality, and counseling


Benjamin Bruce Conley
1932 - 2008

tc2000 brokerage Ben Conley passed away on November 2nd, 2008. I am maintaining his websites in their original condition in his honor, and so that others may benefit from the decades of effort he put into his work.

His books are still available, and will continue to be as long as I have them in stock. If you need any information, please contact me at

-Ryan Conley


  Welcome from Benjamin Conley

Get the details about counseling with Ben Conley

in Fort Lauderdale, FL
(Fees, hours, specializations, and clinical approach
to dealing with marital and emotional difficulties.)

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The Spiritual Connection:
Values, Faith, and Psychotherapy

Learn how basic values enrich your life:
Read the table of contents